About Us

Glennie webdesign was founded after we became frustrated on poorly designed websites and wanted to do something to change your web experience. To enable you to get the information you require quickly and easily on a computer or your smartphone. Customers become frustrated waiting for a flash video to finish before you can access the site and needing additional software installed before you can read a restaurant menu. They end up going elsewhere.

 Customers want an easy to navigate site with information available a click or two away.

 If a customer wants to see a menu they dont want to spend ages waiting for a video to finish, or download a huge PDF.

Packages to Suit you

We have several packages available and each can be tailored to your needs.

Our web design solutions are ideal for small to medium sized businesses. Our speciality is small scale 'Brochure style' websites. We like to build clean, colourful, easily navigable, and professional looking websites that rank well in Google.

We offer a comprehensive service beginning with domain registration, website layout, deployment and website statistics

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Easy to Use

We specialise in cost effective easy to use websites capturing the customers attention and turning a browse into a transaction

Website Statistics

We can keep you up to date with your visitor statistics. Including where your website visitors are coming from and what pages are most popular.etc